Welcome to the Lake Rescue Association website. Here you can find information regarding the numerous activities of the LRA.

These activities are intended to build a stronger lakes district community and protect the watersheds of Lakes Rescue and Pauline. We invite you to explore our site and learn about our lakes, our organization, and how you can help.  We hope you will become a member and join us!






Eurasian milfoil and sediment buildup are threatening the health of our beautiful lakes. We need your help.


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Lake Health

Milfoil was first found in Lake Rescue in 1998. Only with continued vigilance and constant removal of new growth can we hold the Milfoil at bay.

Lake Safety

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our lakes. Be cautious at all times and remember, you are here at your own risk! Accidents can and have happened on our lakes.

News & Events

Interested in what's going on at the lake? Click here for gallery, newsletters, meeting minutes, opportunities to volunteer, events, press and more.

How To Help

The LRA is always in need of volunteers, donations, and good lake citizens. Learn how you can help do your part to keep our lakes healthy, safe, and beautiful.