New! Online access:  secure, password-protected database through NeonCRM

Current 2019-2020 Members can...

  • update Household profiles: addresses, emails, phones, household members, etc
    • each household will designate 1 primary member
    • the primary member can then register up to 4 additional additional members (no fee) with their own emails, phones, etc
    • each household member can obtain their own LoginID/password then maintain their profiles
  • access the detailed Membership Directory
  • RENEW your membership for 2020-2021
    1. Obtain a loginID - see below
    2. Login
    3. Go to My Memberships - to top section is your current active membership - choose RENEW

 if you don't have, or can't remember your LoginID/Password:

  • Click the link below
  • At the LRA login page, click the bottom line "I forgot my login name or password"
  • Enter the email address on record with LRA, to submit a request to receive an instructional email
  • Use the link in the email to set up LoginID/Password then LOGIN
    • If you don't receive an email, contact, RE: Membership
    • we may a different email for the primary member.
  • Visit all the items in the drop down menu "What do you want to do?"
  • to RENEW view My Memberships - at right of current membership line - Renew beginning July 1, 2020; ending June 30, 2021. You'll receive a confirmation email.