DONATE! We can no longer fund milfoil control efforts without outside support. Your generous donations are necessary to reclaim our lakes from this scourge. A Rescue our Lakes fundraising campaign has been launched and we hope you will do what you can to help us keep the lakes we all love beautiful and healthy.  DONATE NOW

VOLUNTEER! The "Fragment Patrol" consists of any LRA volunteer who picks up floating milfoil fragments seen on the lakes when out boating or along their shoreline. Be part of the Patrol - we can all participate. Bring a net, scoop up fragments, and dispose of them away from the water. (They make great compost!) REMEMBER: every fragment left in the water will become a new plant. Those who are available can also launch their kayaks or other small boats and gather fragments when suction harvesting is being done, an activity that produces fragments even as it collects significant amounts of milfoil. Contact George Thomson to add your name to the volunteer list:

LEARN TO HARVEST MILFOIL YOURSELF FROM YOUR SHORELINE! Because of the heavy milfoil growth in 2020, the LRA has recently changed its policy to enable property owners to harvest milfoil in shallow areas around their lakefront. This must be done carefully to ensure the root ball is removed. CLICK HERE for full instructions.

IMPORTANT:  Also, as a volunteer, it is important that you report your volunteer hours to the milfoil committee at  This repoting counts as in-kind donations of time and helps us secure milfoil remediation grants from the state of Vermont.  Please click below to download a time log you can print and use.  THANK YOU for your time and efforts!

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