Thank you for your interest in membership in the Lake Rescue Association!

The Lake Rescue Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works continuously on issues related to improved water quality, water safety, community education, and other pertinent issues important to property owners of Lakes Rescue and Pauline. We are not a home owners’ association. Attending to ecological, legislative, financial, and community concerns keeps the board of LRA very active throughout the year.

We need and appreciate the support of members and volunteers, whether you are located on or near the water, or live in the lakes area. Please help your lake association do the best job it can for you and the lakes.  Our region and your property values are greatly impacted by the health of our beautiful lakes.
We welcome lake property owners, lakes region community members, and others to become Members of the Lake Rescue Association. If you are not a property owner and are concerned about maintaining the health of our lakes please support the LRA as an Associate Member. Dues are $75 for both Regular and Associate Members. Additional donations are welcome - visit our Donate page.

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