(Note - a couple of the descriptions below are paid positions - take a look!)


LRA participates in Vermont's Public Access Greeter Program, where trained individuals greet boaters at the Fishing Access boat launch and check boats for foreign plant material, educate boaters about inspecting and cleaning their boats, and provide information about milfoil-infested areas to avoid.  Our milfoil grant funding requires this program, and so it is a vital part of our milfoil eradication mission. We are looking for one or more volunteers to oversee the program during the summer, and for 1-2 paid boat greeters (adults or responsible older teens) to put in a few weekend hours.  Contact us if interested:  lakerescueassn@gmail.com.


july 4 picnic

A highlight of the summer are the festivities surrounding the 4th of July.  We are always in need of more hands to help us organize, set up, and run the picnic.  We especially look for one or more energetic volunteers to run the games - anyone interested?  It's a half-day commitment and it's fun!  And it's not actually volunteer - Games Masters are paid!



As a lake community, we all must do our part, and be watchful for signs of milfoil.  If you see something that might be milfoil, be a good lake citizen and contact us right away with the location. Other ways you can help can be to gather floating fragments or train to do your own hand-harvesting. Click HERE for more information.



Our board is always appreciative of volunteers to help with lake water quality, safety, and health issues; special events; communications and marketing; and other LRA activities.  Get involved!  Learn about your lakes! Contact us if you'd like to help.


JOIN THE BOARD of directors

If you think you might be interested in participating as a board member and would like to learn more, please let us know.