1. Read LRA's So You Live on a Lake 2016 handbook.

  2. Obey all boating regulations and recommended practices; beware of small craft and swimmers/pets when boating; honor the no-wake buoys put in place for your and everyone's safety.

  3. Treat our lake water as though you were going to put it in a glass and drink it.  Do not contaminate it in any way.  This includes water balloons, which kill fish and other wildlife.

  4. Treat our shorelines like the precious ecosystems they are. Be aware of lake encroachment permitting laws.  Do all you can to prevent runoff and sedimentation into the lakes, and preserve what natural boundaries you can on your lakeshore - an entire animal and plant ecosystem depends on it.

  5. Milfoil is our mortal enemy - be part of the solution.

  6. Respect your neighbors.  Loud music and bright lights can be a nuisance on a serene lake late at night.  We are ALL here to enjoy the lakes.  Turn off outside lights at night and turn down the volume.

  7. Report any suspicious or inappropriate activity.  The local game warden, who addresses lake-specific issues, can be reached at 802-773-9101.  The local police, who address surrounding property issues, can be reached at 802-228-4411.  Fish and wildlife violations can be reported to 1-800-752-5378.

  8. Spread the word about LRA to new neighbors and lake friends and encourage them to become a member, if they aren't.

  9. Get involved!  Come to the Annual Meeting.  Volunteer.  Donate.  Contact LRA if you have questions or concerns:  lakerescueassn@gmail.com.