In July 2014, Vermont established the Shoreline Protection Act, requiring a permit for new development, re-development, or clearing of a property within 250 feet of lakes and ponds over 10 acres in size. This legislation was enacted to allow reasonable development along the shore lands of lakes and ponds while protecting aquatic habitat, water quality, and maintaining the natural stability of shorelines. The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources administers the law through the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Visit their website for more information on their Permits are now required for the creation of cleared areas or impervious surfaces (e.g., driveways, roofs, etc.). The agency has a detailed webpage about their Vermont Lake Wise Program that includes Shoreland Protection guidelines. They have also published a Vermont Shoreline Protection Act Handbook which describes details of the law and permitting requirements.


Lake Rescue and Pauline Lake for several generations of full and part-time Vermonters has been a special place to relax and recreate. However, in the recent decade lake homeowners have taken note of changes that are significantly altering the lake and its use. Increased sedimentation build-up has occurred in several areas of the lake, particularly in the Round Pond area, and especially in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. As members of the Lake Rescue Association, we must all be diligent in addressing these issues.

Along with promoting awareness of the Shoreline Protection regulations, Get Sedimental is LRA’s effort to create awareness and increase your knowledge and understanding of what YOU can do to help improve lake water quality. Let us know if you’d like to have our Get Sedimental magnetic decal to help us promote awareness.


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